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Great American Camping Puzzles & Pocket Puzzles

Great American Camping Puzzles.   For centuries people have gathered and gazed into campfires thinking about time, their existence and solving problems.  Great American Camping Puzzlestm  carry on that problem solving tradition when gathered around the fire.  Each Camping Puzzle comes plated silver zinc with the solution piece plated gold zinc.  This greatly enhances the presentation and understanding of each puzzle.  Each Camping Puzzle™ comes individually packaged with puzzle solution inside each package. Great American Camping Puzzles™ come in bundles of 6 per style with 8 different styles from which to choose.

Old Time Pocket Puzzles can display individually in bulk (loose) or can come packaged with the puzzle solution inside.  Pay attention to our red cedar display box that displays all 3 styles of the Old Time Pocket Puzzles together.